How to write a coursework

Before you can write a comprehensive coursework, you should be aware of the proper ways to write one. This article will give the best ways to write a coursework. Oftentimes, students who are in high school or college are given tasks on writing a coursework. But, what is a coursework? A coursework is an academic task assigned to students to give them the chance to display their skills in writing and researching. It is an extended and more detailed version of an essay which will require more time to finish.

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Essay: An Ideal Leader to a 16 Year-Old

In a world of 7.53 billion only a few people are able to be effective leaders. Which can beg the question, are leaders made or are people born leaders? While a select few people are born with exceptionally important traits, the most vital ones are formed within people as they push through hardships in their life. However, some people were made to be leaders, to lead the world with a hand of guidance to create, what they believe, to be a better world. My ideal leader is a person who is committed to the cause they are leading, for every leader needs to be able to light the fire of change and drive within people but before they can do that they themselves must have a fire.

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Parental Responsibility Laws and Personal Injury

In the article, “Parental Responsibility Laws and Personal Injury” the author states, “Many people don't realize that parents can be held legally liable for the acts of their minor children.” (David Landers) this happens in Romeo and Juliet; adults make bad decisions which results in Romeo and Juliet taking their own lives. Romeo and Juliet written by Shakespeare is a story about two lovers who take their lives because of the bad decisions the adults make, they love each other so much that one cannot live without the other, yet no one understands their love in front of the family feud and forces them to take their lives. The article “Parental Responsibility Laws and Personal Injury.” talks about how many states have laws that parents are responsible for the wrongdoing of the minor.

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Jason and the Golden Fleece Part I

In the plays, “Jason and the Golden Fleece Part I,” “Jason and the Golden Fleece Part II,” and “The Tale of Perseus,” the authors describe the hero’s journeys to retrieve items, and to win back something or someone. In “Jason and The Golden Fleece part one Jason goes to get his kingdom back from his cousin, his cousin told him that the only way that the could get the kingdom is by going on a quest to get the fleece. In “Jason and The Golden Fleece part 2,” Jason gets a crew and sets out to get the Golden Fleece he faces many challenges he has to complete along the way. In “The Tale of Perseus,” Perseus was not suppose to be born, but was anyway, his mother is getting married to an evil king. The only way that Jason can stop the marriage is by going on a quest to get Medusa’s head. In the different Greek myths read in class, the thoughts, words, and actions of the Gods impact the plot.

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The Purposes of Education in American Democracy

On April 25, 1938 the Educational Policies Commission voted and approved the publication of The Purposes of Education in American Democracy. The committee’s purpose of the publication was to accomplish two things. The first was what the committee believed schools within the United States should accomplish as in educational objectives and second how to reach those educational objectives (vii). The commission expressed the importance of the kind of society in which we live to be of great importance to education. It was also stated that achievement of democracy was an increasing problem facing the profession of educators. The book’s purpose was to help lead you to think for yourself along with others dealing with your daily work, to increase your skills and thoughts within your profession, and to realize the great opportunities which you have as well as obligations (vii).

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